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We have one simple goal: provide a top-notch photography experience, at unexpectedly affordable prices.

Words From The Owner / Lead Photographer

Garrett E. Stroup

When my fiancé's family gifted us with a Nikon D3400 one Christmas, I never imagined I would fall hopelessly in love with the art of photography. I became obsessed with perfecting portraits of her. I spent countless hours learning the camera inside and out, and wanting to crush my laptop when Lightroom and Photoshop weren't cooperating. A couple of months and much refinement later, I found myself being approached by friends and relatives to take their portraits. Stunned at the reaction, I wondered how good I could become if I really dedicated myself to it, so I began pushing my limits, and I founded GES Who Photography.

By some wonderful connections, I found my way into the concert photography scene. Let me tell you, if you can capture great images while crammed into a tiny photo pit with 30 other sweaty photographers, fans dousing you with beer and unknown bodily fluids, and almost no light to speak of, you can do anything. Luckily, my work was well-received, and it wasn't long until publicists began to take notice, nationally-touring bands started sharing my pictures, and local bands requested my presence at their shows. Around the same time, local commercial clients, friends, and co-workers began hiring me to cover their events, parties, and family gatherings. Again, my segue into these unique industries was successful, and it became clear: I'm all in.

Now, that company started on a dream and an entry-level Nikon DSLR has evolved into a popular Northeast Florida photography services business that uses the latest cameras, lenses, lighting systems, and post-processing technology and techniques. GES Who Photography has provided content for local commercial clients, media and retail giants (shown below), local individuals and families, couples to be wed, and anybody else that demands quality photography at affordable prices!

I encourage anybody who wants to work with a knowledgeable, personable, passionate and friendly photographer, to reach out! I will not disappoint you!


The Boss

Jennifer B. Kessinger

They say that behind every great man, there is a woman rolling her eyes. That's not usually true in our case; usually she is standing in front of the camera twirling in a crowded theme park while I time the perfect shot to make her hair look fabulous, her skirt just the right amount of extended away from her body, and the backdrop not a hideous mass of Summer Disney-goers. I credit my fiancé with providing the inspiration for starting this business venture, for inadvertently drawing the attention of many of the aforementioned media giants, for helping to spread my images across the globe via her social media ventures (check her out on IG at @The.Jiminy.Jenny!), and for just being an amazing woman in general. I couldn't do what I do without her by my side; nor would I ever want to.

As of late, she has caught the shutter bug, and has started an informal apprenticeship under my guidance! She is probably going to kill me for phrasing it that way. On a serious note, she has a natural eye for composition, is learning complex photography concepts incredibly fast, and through her own professional modeling experience, is great at striking a pose and coaching others on how to do the  same. Jennifer sometimes accompanies me on my shoots, and once she is trained up to my level, my plan is to leverage her abilities to fill in with events, portrait sessions, and weddings, as a reliable second-shooter! I know, I know, another husband and wife photography duo... like we need more of those! But hey, we're fun!



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