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Our process, our products, our approach, and some frequently asked questions

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Who am I?

My name is Garrett Stroup; look up for a picture of me! It's not often I am on that side of the camera...

As an Engineer, it was easy for me to nerd out when I launched into the world of photography. With a world of possibilities between gear and technique, as well as a never-ending black hole of stylistic choices, I have been obsessed with photography since my first shutter click of a DSLR. As a professional photographer, there is nothing I enjoy more in life than sharing my passion. Well, maybe the great reviews and watching my clients share the pictures EVERYWHERE! :)

Reading my past reviews will give you a little insight into how I treat my clients. I run my business with discipline and dedication, and move mountains for everybody I can along the way. I am happily married myself, so I have a huge sense of respect and responsibility when I approach somebody else's big day. I know exactly how much planning goes into planning the perfect wedding, and I will not compromise to provide you with beautiful keepsakes to cherish for the rest of your lives together!

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My approach!

First of all, never expect any shady or pushy sales tactics from me. I don't believe in forcing clients to make a decision so important as choosing their wedding or event photographer without feeling 100% assured. I let my passion, personality, portfolio, and punctuality speak for itself!

Most photographers think I am crazy for maintaining this kind of policy. But, with all of the considerations surrounding a wedding or other major event, the last think my clients need to worry about is an overzealous vendor shoving something down their throats, and I refuse to be that person.

How do I work?

The short answer is "efficiently, strategically, and creatively." I do not cover something as important as a wedding, a corporate event, a first birthday party, or anything, without coming loaded with optimal camera and lighting gear, as well as an organized plan of attack, to provide the most encompassing photography coverage possible. I will also work with you [and any involved planners] on the timeline and vision, to ensure that you will be completely covered!

I am insured!

GES Who Photography is fully-insured with equipment and general liability insurance, and I coordinate with your ceremony, reception, and other event venues to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event! 

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I love weddings!

There is something unbelievably humbling and magical about being involved in the biggest day of your clients' lives. That is a responsibility I do not take for granted, and you can count on me to be engaged and devoted to you and your guests from the very moment I arrive, until the time we part ways at the end of the night. 

I also include free engagement sessions in most wedding packages I offer, so I get to spend significant time with you prior to your big day, and load you up with beautiful pictures of your entire journey! 

Getting started!

Step one is a free initial consultation. This can be done either in-person, over the phone, via text or FB messenger, depending on your preference and availability.

We will discuss your current wedding day or event plans, your desired image style, usually explore a couple of wild tangents of conversation, and eventually wrap back around into determining what services would be the best fit for you!

Should I earn your business, I will draft a customized contract to send your way to review and sign. The signed contract and an initial retainer will secure your date! Out of fairness to all potential clients, I operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

What next?

After I receive the signed contract and retainer, we are free to schedule your engagement session! My couples love plastering their engagement pictures on their save the dates, holiday cards, photo gifts for parents, all kinds of things! Most of my packages include a free engagement session. If your package does not, one can always be booked separate at my current rate!

I will digitally deliver all of your finished engagement session photos, and we will stay in touch periodically leading up to your wedding! I will send you documents to keep picture-taking organized, such as a shot list template.

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Approaching the wedding!

A few weeks before your wedding, we will formally tag up! Remember, you are always free to hit me with any questions at any time! Seriously, don't hold back. I am here to be of service to you, and help ease your mind when it comes to your wedding photography or anything else you need. I typically also assist the wedding planner's timeline creation! This is a very exciting, dynamic time!

After the big day!

I spend a considerable amount of time retouching your images and video to perfection, to provide the absolute best quality product, because my clients deserve it! 

Most of our packages come with a sneak peek while the remainder of the photos are touched up, and there is an option that will allow you to receive a sneak peek on your wedding night! 

For every 1 hour spent shooting, I typically spend 6-8 hours editing and enhancing. I deliver final products as soon as humanly possible, while maintaining my standards of final image quality. Most wedding turnaround times are within 3-4 weeks.

Your final delivery will include retouched full resolution images that will be a mix of full color, black and white, and selective color. I will send a link to your own private gallery on my website, with a password to access and download all of your final images!

Unlike some other competitors, there are never any download charges or costs per picturePrints can be ordered via my website's easy-to-use storefront, or any other preferred photography print lab. Some recommendations below!

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All retouching in-house!

I perform ALL image editing and enhancing myself. It is the best way to ensure the images you receive match your preferences perfectly, and exceed your expectations. Check out my portfolio to get an idea of final image delivery quality and style!

Prints and other products!

All contracts will include a standard print release for personal (non-commercial) use. I do not believe in charging people twice for my services, or "nickel-and-diming" my clients. That said, these are the best options for acquiring prints of your images!

1. GES Who Photography Gallery (highest quality) - When your final images are complete, you will receive a link to your own, private, password-protected image gallery on my website! You will be able to download your images at no cost, but also you will have the option to order prints.

Prints ordered through my website are fulfilled by top photo labs across the country; all are very reputable sources with high quality control standards. The pricing on my website should be competitive with all other options, as I set my prices as low as the vendors will allow me!

2. Photography Labs (next best option) - If not ordering direct from my website, there are reputable photography labs that can be found online. There are many offerings from value to premium options, so it will all depend on what print quality you desire! I generally recommend websites like Shutterfly for images that do not need to be perfect or ultra high-resolution.

3. Drug Store Photo Labs (inconsistent quality) - Wanting to ensure my clients get the best possible product from their investment in my photography services, I generally do not recommend going this route. But, sometimes you are in a bind and need something in a rush, and this can be a good option for small prints. These are options like Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, or any other store that offers photo processing and printing. The big issue with using these options is that the quality is inconsistent, and highly dependent on who is performing the printing within the store. Most times, employees receive a couple of hours of hands-off training and are let loose on a photo printing machine. So, it is typically a gamble!

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Hope to hear from you soon!

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