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Thank you for visiting!

First, I want to give YOU a huge THANK YOU for visiting the website, viewing our work, and for reading our "About Us" page. Clients like you are who we enjoy working with: conscientious people who put in the time and effort to research a photographer who will be charged with such a humbling responsibility. Whether that be taking pictures or videos of your wedding, for your portraits, for your family, or for a corporate event, we absolutely do not take your trust lightly. Don't just take our word for it; we have a ton of reviews out there from past clients!

Who are we?

My name is Garrett Stroup; look up for a picture of me! It's not often I am on that side of the camera... But! I am the Lead Photographer and Owner of GES Who Photography! For weddings and large events, I also partner up with other talented photographers and videographers in town, because some times you literally just can't be in two places at once!

A little bit about myself... An engineer by degree(s), it was easy for me to nerd out when I launched into the world of photography. With a world of possibilities between gear and technique, as well as a never-ending black hole of technological challenges, I have been obsessed with this endeavor since day one. And although I am a professional photographer,  [at the risk of sounding cliche] there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my passion with my clients. There is seldom a better feeling in the world than watching a client change their profile or cover photo on Facebook to a picture I created.

I have been accused of not acting like an engineer. What does that mean? It means I make a great photographer! Reading my past reviews will give you a little insight into how I treat my clients. I have been accused of being one of the most empathetic, hospitable, and hard-working people you will ever meet. I'll take it! I also run my business with discipline and steadfast organization.

I am happily married myself, and we had quite an involved wedding, so I have a huge sense of respect and responsibility when I approach somebody else's big day. I know exactly how much planning, and blood, sweat, and tears, goes into planning the perfect wedding, and I absolutely will not compromise to provide you with the best photography and videography products possible.

Our approach!

A pivotal component of our commitment to exceed your expectations lies within our no pressure, no stress approach. I simply do not believe in forcing clients to make a decision so important as choosing their wedding photographer without them feeling comfortable to pull the trigger. However, I am confident that when you see what an organized, experienced, knowledgeable, and impossibly caring photographer looks like, the decision will be easy!

Sounds refreshing!

What our approach means is that when we meet up for our consultation, you absolutely will NOT be hard-sold into booking with us on the spot. We simply don't believe in pressuring our clients to make a decision they are not ready to make, and you will never find a contract on me upon our initial consultation. I know most photographers think I am crazy for maintaining this kind of policy, but with all of the stress surrounding a wedding or other major event, the last think my clients need to worry about is an overzealous vendor shoving something down their throats, and I refuse to be that person.

How do we work?

The short answer is "very methodically and strategically." We will not cover something as important as a wedding, a corporate event, a first birthday party, or anything else that comes our way, without coming loaded with the best camera and lighting gear money can buy, as well as a strategic plan of attack, to provide the most encompassing photography coverage possible. We will also work with you [and any involved planners] on the timeline, to ensure that everything will be completely covered!

We are insured!

One piece of advice I offer to everybody is to make sure your photographer has the insurance coverage required by your venues and/or vendors, and is able to communicate, work with them, and provide the necessary documentation, prior to the day of your wedding or other major event! GES Who Photography is fully-insured with equipment and general liability insurance, and we take care of coordinating with your ceremony, reception, and other venues to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event! 

We love weddings!

There is something unbelievably humbling and magical about being involved in the biggest day of your clients' lives. That is a responsibility we absolutely do not take lightly, and you can count on us to be engaged and devoted to you and your guests from the very moment we arrive, until the time we part ways at the end of the night. We will be there for you as posing directors, as light ninjas, and oftentimes as therapists, before the day is over! 

We also include free services in most of our packages, so we get to spend a ton of time with you prior to your big day, and load you up with beautiful pictures of your entire journey! Our clients usually end up being good friends by the time we are done with our physical shoots, and then it is time for us to retreat to our caves to edit all of your gorgeous final deliverables... and usually cry our eyes out at the raw emotion captured in your pictures before we get through it!

Getting started!

Step one is a free initial consultation. This can be done either in-person, or over the phone, depending on your preference/availability. We will discuss your current wedding day plans, your desired image style, usually explore a couple of wild tangents of conversation, and eventually wrap back around into determining what services would be the best fit for you!

Cool! Then what?

I'm so glad you asked! After our initial consultation, if you remain interested in hiring us to shoot your wedding (hopefully you are!), I will draft up an official contract to send your way to review and sign, and will require an initial non-refundable retainer to secure your date. As I have hinted at before, there is no obligation to book with us if you are not thoroughly impressed or enthused! There will honestly be no hard feelings. I believe every client has to make the smartest choice for themselves as far as choosing a photographer.

What next?

After I receive the signed contract and non-refundable retainer, we are free to schedule your engagement session and go shooting together for the first time! Woo! Most of my packages include the engagement session, and if not, one can always be added on at my current rate. Typically, my couples love plastering their engagement pictures all over their save the dates, holiday cards, photo gifts for their parents and other family members, all kinds of things!

I will deliver all of your edited engagement session photos, and we will stay in touch periodically leading up to your wedding! Usually in this timeframe, I will be sending you documents to keep picture-taking organized, such as a desired shot list. Also, you will be free to bombard me with inspiration photos of anything you happen to stumble across and fall in love with on Google, Pinterest, Instagram, anything else. In addition to our own unique style, we are notoriously good at recreating them!

A couple weeks before!

A few weeks before your wedding, we will tag back up for the final time! That is, unless you have questions; you are always free to hit me with any questions that pop in your head! Seriously, don't hold back. I am here to be of service to you, and help ease your mind when it comes to your wedding photography or video (or anything else you need). I am also typically involved in your wedding planner's timeline creation process, and work with them to make sure there is enough time to accomplish everything that I think/know you will want on your wedding day!

If you opted to contract us for videography as well, this is also the timeframe that we will tag back up and I will ask you for any required music choices for your video products! This is a very exciting time!

After the big day!

We spend a considerable amount of time editing your images and video, to make sure they are the absolute best product we can provide to you. Because our clients deserve it! Most of our packages come with a defined period to receive a sneak peek of the big day, and there is an option that will allow us to get a sneak peek to you on your wedding night!

After we prepare and deliver your sneak peek, we will be hard at work on editing the rest of your images! For every 1 hour spent shooting, we typically spend 6-8 hours editing the pictures. All images and video will be delivered as soon as humanly possible, but again, will be of the highest quality we are capable of! Most wedding turnaround times are within 3-4 weeks!

You will receive full resolution images, as well as video [if added], as well as copies to share on social media (to avoid the dreaded image compression that Facebook and Instagram slap on top of high quality photos). The social media images will be identified by their watermarks, so you can easily tell them apart from your full resolution images.

We do all of our editing in-house.

Again, it all comes back to providing you with the best service we possibly can. We perform ALL of our photo and video post-processing in-house. It is the best way to ensure the images you receive match your preferences perfectly!

Our signature editing style can be described as sharp, vibrant, punchy, and vivid. A quick look through our portfolio of previous work would be the best way to describe it! All of our editing is performed to put emphasis on what matters most in the image. However, we also cater to clients who are drawn to black and white images, vintage effects, and selective color pops (e.g., only red items showing up in color).

We make you look your best!

Additionally to our high-quality edits, you can expect blemish healing/removal standard! It is true that a great make-up artist is worth their weight in gold, but have no fear for unexpected breakouts before your portrait session, wedding, or event! Most photographers charge an additional premium of this per photo; I have seen as high as $150 per digital file! However, we feel that you are paying for great pictures of yourself, and that is what we strive to deliver!

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