Community Involvement and Charity

GES Who Photography volunteers locally!

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"Charity is the root of all good works."

- Saint Augustine

The Importance Of Community

I believe that we are not only individuals with our own friends, families, and support groups, but we are also so much more than that. As members of so many groups larger than ourselves, I believe it is of utmost importance to share your talents to give back to the community. Not only is it the "right thing to do," but when you gift those less fortunate with your empathy, your understanding, your time, and by sharing your talents, you touch others' lives in a meaningful way. The laughs, the smiles, and the joyous expressions on others' faces make it worth it alone, and often, the impact of your actions is far greater than you can even comprehend. 

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Taking Action

I won't pretend I went out of my way looking for charity organizations to devote my time to, but sometimes the best opportunities and things that we can get involved with just kind of find us, instead of the other way around. Tired of getting heckled around Disney World in her outfits, my wife was looking for another outlet to dress up in character and bring joy and smiles to childrens' faces. Through a random connection I made covering a local rock festival, we ended up getting in touch with an organization named Costumers With A Cause

Costumers With A Cause

What is Costumers With A Cause? Basically, it is a charity organization made up of a bunch of gigantic-hearted cosplayers (and their photographers), who dress up in character, and attend all kinds of events around town. They visit sick children in hospitals, elderly folks in nursing homes, attend all kinds of parades, speak at anti-bullying events, and even attend races to benefit research and prevention of serious medical issues and disabilities. They don't just play heroes on TV; they are the real deal, in my humble opinion.

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Getting Involved And Giving Back

My wife, being the avid Disneybounder she is, is drawn to roleplaying some of her favorite princesses (Ariel and Merida) at the events attended by Costumers With A Cause. Myself? Well, you are looking at an official photographer for the Northeast Florida region! It is a great point of pride to be associated with such an amazing and selfless organization, and I cherish the memories made while we contribute toward these charitable events. So, if you see me out and about, feel free to come up and say hi, and maybe you'll make the album for the event that day! :D

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