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Wedding and Elopement Basics

Your dream wedding photographer may be more affordable than you think! My wedding packages start at 6 hours of single photographer coverage for $1,699. Elopement packages for 3 hours of coverage start at $875. I offer multiple coverage options for weddings, including packages with up to 12 hours of continuous shooting coverage.

Wedding packages always include:

- Professional photo lab for print ordering
- A 24-hour or 48-hour sneak peek
- Online image gallery
- Professional editing
- Print release

Most packages include:

- Complimentary 1.5-hour engagement session

Depending on the timeline of events for a wedding day, I will often recommend using a second photographer. This is an individual I coordinate with to provide additional camera angles, and for capturing important photographs when I cannot be in two places at one time. The cost of a second shooter would be additional to my package pricing, but is relatively inexpensive, as the second shooter does not have to do any editing! Rates are in the ballpark of $100/hour, and I do not add any markup to what I am charged by a second shooter, despite the added editing workload. For additional information, click the button below to contact me!

Official Price List

Portrait and Event Basics

I provide on-location portraits and event services, with very minimal studio-based work. My most popular portrait session is 1 hour of continuous shooting for $250. This is a great amount of time for solo or family portraits. For engagement sessions, senior portraits, or more involved shoots with multiple locations or planned outfit changes, pricing will vary according to the time required.

Events I have covered range from childrens' first birthday parties lasting a couple of hours, to large corporate events at conference halls spanning multiple days. For most family-based, small gatherings, 2 hours of coverage starts at $325.

My corporate event pricing is very competitive, and varies depending on a number of variables: image rights, accommodations, special insurance requirements, additional shooters warranted, and more.

Feel free to request more information using the button below!

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